Bell Tower (1740-1770)

Bell Tower.
View from the north-east.
The first plan of the Bell Tower, worked out by the court architect I. Shchumakher, presented a three-tier structure. The construction was supervised by Moscow architect I.F. Michurin. In the process of construction it became clear that the height of the Bell Tower was not sufficient. In 1753 the new project of Michurin's pupil D.V. Ukhtomsky adding two more tiers was adopted. The Bell Tower is built of brick and plastered, the details - cartouches, columns - are of white stone.

42 bells are suspended in the tiers of the Bell Tower. The largest bell weighing 64 tons was cast in the Lavra.

The Bell Tower with a cupola is 88 meters high. (The Bell Tower of the new Maiden Nunnery is 72 and the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great is 81 meter high.)

The Bell Tower. View from the Pilgrim Tower.