The Refectory with the Church of St. Sergius
(1686 - 1692)

The Refectory.
View from the north-west.
The Church of St. Mikhei in front (1734).
The beautiful Refectory rests on the high socle with numerous premises which once housed a kitchen, bakery, sculleries, pilgrim canteen. The open gallery around the building is extremely decorative. The fašades are ornamented with bright "check" painting. The large windows are framed with small carved white stone columns.

The large hall of the Refectory covered with a vault without supporting pillars was used for gala receptions. At the end of the 17th century it was the largest hall in Russia. Its floor square is 510 sq. m.

The monks had their meals in the Small Refectory attached to the main building from the south. From the east the two-storey Church of St. Sergius is attached to the Refectory. Its upper tier was used for keeping the Monastery manuscripts.